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What is the best textbook for learning how to use MAPLE?

  1. Sep 29, 2014 #1
    I have to learn how to use it for:
    1. The Basics: arithmetic operations, brackets, constants and variables.
    2. Functions: expressions vs functions, Maple's functions, substituting in an expression, piecewise defined functions, simplifying an expression.
    3. Basic Calculus: limits, differentiation, maxima and minima, integration.
    4. Collections of Expressions: Maple sequences, sets and lists, sums and products, manipulating Maple structures.
    5. Complex Numbers and Equations: complex numbers, equations, exact and approximate solutions.
    6. Plotting: plotting functions of one variable, parametric plots, polar plots, implicit plots, data plots.
    7. Linear Algebra: creating and manipulating vectors and matrices, vector and matrix operations, Gaussian elimination
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