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What Is The Complete ((everything Theory))

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    is this theory is made of quantuam mechanics as husband and relativity as wife and is the existance of this theory is possible and when you think it will be published??!!!
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    As far as I am aware, both theories cannot be correct, if one is found to be correct then the other cannot be correct as they are both contradictory. It would be impossible to predict when, that is if a theory of everything even exists.
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    you might be right but!!!

    But i think if you have read the argument between Albert Einstein and BOHAR you will see that einstein corrected more and more quanuam mechanics by his argument in its subjects and the physics that we study is sharing between QUANTUAM AND RELATIVITY
    you might be correct in a thing that they are contradictory in non zero probability of quantuam and determinant of relativity.
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    We study both Quantum and Relativity, but what I am saying is that both cannot co-exist in a Unification Theory.
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    Theory of everything = unification of General Theory of gravity and Quantum physics (which explains how the three forces: Strong, Weak and electromagetism are related to each other).
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    Sir Roger Penrose says that he thinks both GR and quantum physics will have to be modified before they can be reconciled. He may be right, but I'm betting that GR will take the bigger hit by far. Einstein's failure to accommodate EM within GR troubled him greatly, and it hints at a fundamental incompleteness in GR.
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    But wouldn’t a theory of everything explain and relate all of the forces strong, weak, electromagnetism and gravitational! Or did u just forget to type gravitational? I'm sure you know more on the subjest than I do!
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    Maybe you're thinking of "The Theory of Almost Everything"
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    I would have thought a Theory of Everything would include all 4 forces:

    Strong Nuclear Force
    Weak Nuclear Force
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