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What is the difference between degree and level of order?

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    in bohm's book he speaks about both but what is the meaning of each?

    level of order
    degree of order

    how are they relate to each other?

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    if i take 10 sub systems and connects them to one system then i've created a new global order which is an order of a higher degree.

    but, the level of order is still low, there is a mess , the system does not work.
    i need to rise the level of order in the system so it will work.

    when the degree gets higher i must take up the level as well so the system will work.
    think about the world , the global world is a higher degree of order but the world still lives in low level of order (countries, religions) only when there will one country, one religion, the world will work fine.

    this is how bohm's book sees it, i think.....

    what do you think?
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    it is on pages 121-122

    science order and creativity

    david bohm and f. david peat
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    Doc Al

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    Sounds like this topic is more suited for philosophy, not physics. I'll move it.
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