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A What is the formula for calculating the Ascendant?

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    I'm trying to figure out how to calculate the Ascendant for a programming application but I have little experience with this level of math.

    My formula is this:

    1998 December 31st 13:15 Brussels, Belgium.

    double d2R = M_PI / 180; double R2d = 180 / M_PI; double latitude = 50.8503*d2R; double RAMC=287.8256496*d2R; double ecliptic=23.4392911*d2R;

    double ASC = 1/MathArctan (- ( (MathTan (latitude ) * MathTan (ecliptic)) + (MathSin (RAMC) * MathCos (ecliptic)) ) / MathCos(RAMC));

    double ascendant=ASC*R2d; which equals 68.28333 degrees.

    Do I have to do some kind of conversion after using the formula? I think it may have to do with quadrants but I'm not sure....

    Any leads would be very appreciated. I can't use tables or lists of ascendants to calculate this.
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