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Medical What is the meaning of bony prominances?

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    I need the meaning of "Bony Prominances".Unfortunetly I fetched for the meaning on the internet, I am little confused between bone joints and pressure points.

    Thank you in advanced
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    I expect that "bony prominances" refer to parts of the body where the bones are overlayed by skin, e.g., ankles, knee cap, elbow (ends of radius and ulna toward humerus), the end of the ulna (forearm) adjacent to the scaphoid (navicular) bone, and perhaps the chin. The nose might also be considered a bony protrusion, or perhaps the bony part behind the cartilage.

    Pressure points would be the soft connective tissue in the joints, and the tendons and ligaments.
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    Thank you for your help !
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    A bony prominence is any sort of bump on a bone. They are usually sites of attachment of muscles, tendons or ligaments onto the bone.
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