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What is the most common radiation harming us?

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    Since most of harmful radiation are reflected back into space / blocked by ozone layer, for the rest of radiations, what are the top 5 most harmful radiation on our living environment from the Sun?
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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    Simon Bridge

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    Please go to Wikipedia and read articles related to radiation, alpha, beta, gamma rays, neutrons, and so on.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Technically he needs to know about solar radiation ... which includes some quite exotic particles. Then there are secondary rays created in the atmosphere.

    Most dangerous will be, in no particular order:

    UVA and UVB - causes cancer, burns, cataracts
    IR - causes burns
    reflected visible light - causes car crashes
    radio - interferes with electrical equipment - can kill where the equipment is in a life-maintaining role.

    That five and it's all light.

    People keep forgetting that light is a form of radiation.
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    Thanks everyone very much for suggestions
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