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What substance is giving out from radiation?

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    "Away from the radiation, the incidence of leukemia increased significantly, confirming the risk of radiation-induced leukemia."

    If a high voltage (negative charges) is running through the cable, please see following image.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what substance is giving out from radiation?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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    Really, how in the world are you suppose to get an answer? You just wrote a random quote with 0 context or reference and asked a non-sensible question. We don't read minds here.
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    A high voltage line such as you depict will be DC or AC, with ultra high voltage ( above 500,000 volts) lines pretty much exclusively DC.
    A DC line induces a magnetic field, but it is steady. An AC line induces a fluctuating magnetic field, changing in polarity 60x/second (50x in Europe). Neither line emits other radioactive materials or fields.
    Humans appear to be very insensitive to steady magnetic fields, but brief transient ultra high magnetic fields are in use as a treatment for depression, somewhat analogous but with less side effects than electro- shock therapy.
    It is in fact a source of misunderstandings when we say radioactive, it has nothing to do with radio or with electromagnetism, it reflects rather the processes in a nuclear core, which is falling apart into other elements, emitting alpha and/or beta particles plus gamma rays.
    So these power lines are unlikely to be a major health hazard. They are a problem for birds that run into them and big birds can get electrocuted sitting on the poles near the wires, but for humans they are mostly an eyesore.
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    There is zero evidence that non-ionization radiation (e.g. radio waves given off by electric transmission lines) have any detrimental effect on human health.
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