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What is the next number in the sequence?

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    2, 2, 8, 72, 392, 2312, ?

    The sequence can be represented visually by the attached image.

    The smallest rectangles are 2x1. Every rectangle has a 2:1 ratio. Each number in the sequence represents the area of each successively larger rectangle.

    I can figure out the next number, but I can't figure out how to represent it mathematically.

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    Welcome to PF aykantspel.

    Suppose that you have somewhere a rectangle with sides of length L and 2L. Possibly looking at the picture, can you say in terms of L what the sides of the next bigger rectangle will be?

    You can start by drawing an example: if L = 1 you start with a 2 x 1 rectangle, what will be the size of the next?
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