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Homework Help: What is the potential of the final location of the charge?

  1. Apr 6, 2008 #1
    There is an E-field in a region of space, and a +55.0 nC charge is placed at a point where the potential is 535 V. When released the charge moves, while the field does 210.0 µJ of work on it. What is the potential of the final location of the charge?
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    Again, please show what you have tried so far and explain where you are stuck.
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    I have tried the equation Va - Vb = -Wba/q, where Va is the potential at point A and Vb is the potential at point B. This equation was from a textbook, however, I later realized that it was only going to find the work done to move the object from point B to point A. Since the problem gives me the work done from point A to B, I am stuck.
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    Point A is the point with the 535 V potential, in case you were confused.
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