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What is the speed of sound at this temperature?

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    The speed of sound in air is proportional to the square root of the temperature in kelvin. A flute player begins playing with the temperature of air in the tube at 288 K. The speed of sound at this temperature is 340 m s–1. After a few minutes playing the air temperature in the bore rises to 298 K.

    What is the speed of sound at this temperature?
    What is the percent change in the value of the speed of sound?

    2. The attempt at a solution

    [tex]\frac{340}\sqrt{288}[/tex] = [tex]\frac{V}\sqrt{298}[/tex]

    V @298K = 346 m s–1
    % change = 1.76%

    Can someone please check if both my answers are correct? Thanks!!
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    I don't see any problem.
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