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What is the stress of the rotated axis

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    Given only the triaxial stresses: ax = 10 MPa (along [100]), ay = 10 MPa (along [010]), and ax = -30 MPa (along [001]), what is now the components of stresses in rotated axis?

    so based on the equation

    aT = [L][a][LT]

    let aT the components of stress of rotated axis, L the direction cosine, LT the inverses of direction cosine and a is the component of stresses in unrotated axis.

    we can determine a, but we can't determine L or LT because there's no angle of rotation given or shear stress given. since L is equal to

    Lxx = (e'x)*(ex)*(cos(theta))

    Lxx is the component of L along x and x', and theta is the angle between the rotated axis and unrotated axis

    so now, how can i determine the stress in rotated axis?
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    Is this a homework problem? If so, please state the problem exactly.
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