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What is the unruh-dewitt detector?

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    Dear everybody, this is my first post :biggrin:, I need help here

    can anyone tell me what exactly is the unruh-dewitt detector?

    I really interest on this effect (unruh), so lately I read many paper about it, but I really struck in what exactly Unruh dewitt detector.

    Thx for helping me.
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    Unruh-DeWitt detector is a simplified model of a real particle detector. Its basic property is the fact that it is linearly coupled to the field, so that it can detect one-particle states. Indeed, as long as the detector moves inertially in Minkowski spacetime, it really does react to one-particle states and not to the 0-particle state (vacuum). However, when it moves non-inertially, it may react even in the vacuum. The energy needed for the reaction in the vacuum comes from the agency that accelerates the detector (not from the vacuum energy).
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    if i could say, does roughly speaking, Unruh-Dewitt detector is a theoretical detector which is move together (attach) with particle so it can detect everything happen with a particle?
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