1. entropy1

    I Double slit and detector

    Suppose we have a double slit and we fire a photon through it with no photon detector at either slit. We get a interference pattern. Now we put a photon detector at the left slit. The interference pattern is destroyed, right? In this last setup, the photon can be located at the left slit. So...
  2. Isa

    I Question about noise in entanglement experiments

    Hi everyone While learning about quantum mechanics, I became curious about the real-life experimental data. Wikipedia says that entanglement experiments require coincidence counters, because the majority of the signal received by detectors is noise. It further says, that coincidence counters...
  3. D

    Nuclear Reactor Rod Replacement Time

    If an enemy had a secret nuclear reactor and they were retrieving the rods, or whatever it is that they retrieve to make secret nuclear bombs, how much time (how fast) would it take for them to retrieve their needed material? Would just a part of the reactor be shut down, and if so, what...
  4. Auto-Didact

    B GW-detector proposal: MAGA

    Ivette Fuentes and her group are attempting to use phonon excitations in BECs to detect gravitational waves. Their GW-detector is called MAGA, which stands for Micrometre Antenna for Gravitational-wave Astronomy. Here's a video of her explaining it: More from their blog:
  5. C_Pu

    I Silicon Radiation Detectors

    So we are doing Radioactivity lab at second year undergraduate. I am confused about the workings of the silicon radiation detects we are using even though the demonstrators tried to explain. We are detecting beta and gamma radiations by placing sources above a silicon detector that have a small...
  6. mrmrzamany

    Test Nuclear Radiation detector

    Hi, I want to test this radiation detector The problem is we don't have strong nuclear radiation sources or even weak ones , can i mimic the radiation ?? For example can i use Microwave sources or RF field or other radiation sources...
  7. P

    Liquid Scintillation Counter w/ fast neutron detectin isotop

    I'm trying to make a LSC with U-238 (non-aqueous form) dipped in the scintillating cocktail to detect fast neutrons (no thermals or epithermals, only fast) from a Cf-252 source. How do I calculate the wavelength emerging from the cocktail (assuming U-238 does not react with the cocktail)? Also...
  8. SpaceKidd_N7

    Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser: Am I missing something here?

    Hello everyone, I actually have three questions: 1. Am I missing an important detail in my understanding of how the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment is done? 2. How does one account for what takes place in the experiment without using the concept of "retrocausality" (effect before...
  9. B

    Need to IR sensor solution

    Hello, Every member: We need to IR sensor solution for our system. Please, connect to me If you know any company of product or maker about the IR sensor. Required specifications are as follows: (ps: choose one of the following five.) 1. Thermopile array #1: a. Pixel pitch: 0.6 mm b. Array...
  10. R

    Role of Bias Voltage in Semiconductor Light detector

    Good day!, today, i visited an Institute about Semiconductor devices, One characterization device (Reflectance Spectrometer) which used to determine the reflectance of the semiconductor materials. This device used Semiconductor detector to detect the reflected light from the sample, but i'm...