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What is your favorite writing tool?

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    What is your favorite writing tool and why?

    Do you prefer pen or pencil for doing math/physics and why? What about for normal writing?

    For awhile I've been using a Rotring 600 silver drafting pencil that was passed down to me, but I'm still not sure whether I prefer pencil or pen. I have yet to find the perfect pen, but I've used the Uniball Vision Exact for awhile. I consider this a fairly important question, and I'm curious to hear everyone's preferences =)
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    I prefer mechanical pencils.
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    Here's a long thread from a few months ago with some opinions...


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    I exclusively use these.

    Normal pencils are a hassle with all that sharpening and what have you. Other mechanical pencils are a hassle as well. You click once, and the lead is too short, click again, and it's too long. So you have to work-around by clicking twice and then holding it down and manually push the lead in to reach the desired length!

    You can rotate these papermate ones to the desired length, they work great.
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    I want to save enough money to buy a Pelikan M400 to write math though I don't know how does it fells. It sells 1000 rmb in China.
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    I use a quill feather with the skull of a puppy for an ink well.
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    I only use these.

    Drafting pencils are actually a great idea. I'm going to look into those. :smile:
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    Pen. It makes you think more before you put something on paper.
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    I like the pentel tranxition because it hurts not my fingers and leaves no indentation :biggrin:
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    My favorite pencil is a Caran D'ache Fixpencil w/ 2mm leads. For sketching, writing notes, etc, it can't be beat. I have a lot of mechanical pencils, but this old dinosaur is my favorite.
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