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What do you write with/in and how?

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    Every once in awhile I'll change my writing set up to use thicker lead, differently lined paper, type of notebook, etc. I never seem to be satisfied with any one of them and it can be a hassle trying to keep everything in one place if they're all in different formats.

    At the moment, I'm writing on loose graph paper I hole punch myself. It has 5 squares per inch so it's a good bit dense. I might change to 4 squares per inch. I'm not sure I dig the vertical lines but I like not having any distinguishing areas on it like the red lines down notebook paper. It seems more freeing to me for some reason.

    I'm also playing with writing with thicker 0.9mm HB lead from a mechanical pencil. I tend to be a hard writer and it has been the most comfortable. It also shows up quite well on graph paper.

    Writing on the back side of the paper is getting more painful to me for whatever reason too. Just so much neater with only one side written on but... the environment. D:

    How do you write? Take notes? With what?
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    With a fountain pen on the back of failed single-sided print-outs or just on empty sheets (both plain A4 copying paper). If I really want to keep something for the long run, I usually write it down in a ##\LaTeX## file.
    This is amusing (and reassuring in a way), because while observing from a distance I always supposed that you would work exclusively on tablets, digital blackboards and the like.
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