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What is your sleep routine during study periods?

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    I naturally fell into a habit of studying until 12 at night and taking a 70-minute nap at around 4pm. This adds up to a bit over 8 hours of sleep.
    This way I can refresh my brain in the afternoon and study with more brain power during the calm night!
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    So? Sleep patterns vary by person. You have one. I have one. Mine makes no difference to you and your makes no difference to me.
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    One thing to be concerned about is that taking a nap in the afternoon can upset the body's diurnal rhythm, making it much more difficult to get to sleep at night. This probably affects some people more than others, but it's probably more of a concern as you get older.
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    I sleep around 5-6 hours a night on weekdays and 8-10 hours on weekends. I've recently been having a serious urge to fall asleep between the 2 schedule gaps that I try to use to get more work done/study in the study halls or labs. I prefer to not do anything school or computer related from after I pick my daughter up until she goes to sleep. I've got too many things to do during that period more important than school. I do end up doing more unrelated self-studying after she goes to bed than I probably should after that period, I have far more energy late at night since my medications have worn off by then. I do a lot of prep work getting my family ready for the next day at night. My study methods differ depending upon the course, sometimes I need to study for an exam on campus. When I was doing my A & P courses I took my daughter with me to the lab (she is well-behaved) and had her 'help' me use her body as an example to memorize all the muscles and bones with their corresponding relations to functions in the body. Sometimes I need to carry flashcards around for a day or so instead of trying to study for a few hours straight. I've been working on and off with coursework since this morning and my daughter has already gotten agitated when I wouldn't let her play games on my pc. The cute 4 year old said so seriously, "Mothers are supposed to be nice to little children." Probably intended to induce some guilt so I would give her what she wants!

    Taking a short nap during the day and sleeping less hours at night is the norm in some cultures and regions, particularly when people are working very hard-labor jobs for long periods, like China. It is also common in underdeveloped nations. It is believed that up until a few centuries ago most humans broke sleep up into similar chunks throughout the day, but more and more people began sleeping in one chunk with the introduction of artificial lighting.

    Had he believed that sleep patterns don't vary from person to person then he wouldn't have asked others to share their own. There is nothing wrong with sharing that to see what others think. Comparison to others helps us improve our own strategies and sharing could give others a helpful idea...
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    I always thought it was recommended to take a short 15-20min name mid day. I mean, my cat and dog take tons of naps and they sleep ok at night :)
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