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A What journal to choose? My article contains a big table

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    dear physicts

    I am searching about a journal to submit my article

    my article contains a big table (3 column and 3000 rows)

    I found:

    Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables

    Nuclear Data Sheets

    but Impact Factor of these two journals are low (about 2)

    I want a same journal but by High Impact (more than 3.5)

    please guide me
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    Vanadium 50

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    It's pretty clear you aren't reading any journals. Since you're not reading any journals, the odds are that your "article" is unpublishable. Furthermore, wanting to publish without wanting to read what others are publishing is like saying you want to talk but don't want to listen. Many scientists (and other people0 find this off-putting.
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    All fields have established methods to handle big datasets - typically they are provided as auxiliary data in some way and the main publication only discusses how the measurements were done and so on, and highlights a few results. Check what previous publications did. And figure out if these 3000 rows are really all interesting.
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