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What kind of authority do the Advisors have?

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    I don't know if this is the right Forum to post this thread, but I have a question. What kind of authority do the Advisors have? I know the scope of the Mentors' authority and that of the Administrator, but I never understood what the Advisors are capable of.
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    Good question,

    Advisors are a selected few that have shown their dedication towards bettering PF in many ways. They are distingished, trusted and look to improve PF for the future. Advisors look after the principles of the forum and can contribute ideas and help problem solve forum issues. Everything you'd expect from an advisor. They don't have any duties per say, think of them as forum representatives. Does that help, or do you have a more specific question I can help you with?
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    That makes sense. I think such people deserve respect.

    I was wondering, though, are they allowed to edit others' posts, if the contents are unacceptable?
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    No Mentat they can't, but they obviously have a large say in whether a post should be edited or not.
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