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What kind of job could I get BEFORE university?

  1. Dec 27, 2011 #1
    I've posted here before regarding wtf to do about education. I've found the perfect thing... a preperatory course that sets me up to study physics... and it's FREE!!! :biggrin: It's a night course so I can still work full time. But I want to work somewhere that I can gain additional physics/science experience so I have the best possible start to my new future. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what kind of jobs I can get in science/physics where I don't have to have a lot of experience where I can be a "trainee" or "assistant"? There MUST be something! Any ideas? Anyone?
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    Look for temp agencies that specialize in science and engineering. Temp jobs are often flexible, and can lead to permanent positions.

    With no experience, you may be able to find entry positions cleaning glassware in chem labs, etc. But so what if the jobs are low-level. You'll be getting exposure to working scientists, and maybe recommendations that could come in handy later in life...who knows where such jobs could lead.
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