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What kind of jobs do physicists get?

  1. Nov 11, 2013 #1
    I'm studying physics II, programming and maths atm. I always wanted to go for physics but I really have cravings for technology stuff like electrical engineering. I always had love for physics but school sort of systematically killed it and I am seeing more freedom in the programming/tech section, I'd hate to end up teaching maths or physics. What I want to do is to either research or develop stuff. Will that be viable if I am an educated physicist? I kind of want to study all the physics and then get some fun job that does include innovation and such. I already know how to program and use CAD programs so I feel I wold rather take the DIY approach to the engineering part and go for physics academically.

    So, are there fun jobs for physicists involving research of theories and/or development of technologies etc. I feel like electrical engineering is cool but not something I want to devote my life too, any takes on this?

    I have to decide in the coming months which path I choose.
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