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What math to take alongside Physics 3 Thermo and Waves

  1. Apr 11, 2017 #1
    I am enrolling for classes for next semester and I have the option to take either differential Equations or Linear algebra or both next semester. I have completed Calc 1, 2, and I am completing multivariable this semester. I am a physics major and going into thermo and waves next semester so I was wondering which one i should take or if i could take both at the same time?
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    I would suggest that you take DE next, but that is largely a matter of personal preference. Does your school's nominal curriculum give any guidance on this matter?
  4. Apr 11, 2017 #3
    At my school I am technically ahead in the math curriculum so I am technically not required to take diff eqs just yet (they recommend you take it 4th semester and multi-variable 3rd, but i took it second) and linear they said you can just get it done whenever so i was thinking about taking linear first and getting that out of the way that way I will still be on course with my math track, but honestly if I could take both at the same time and knock them both out that would be amazing as well. I'm just not sure if that will be too much of a course load.
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    Much depends on the content of your DE course. This was the most difficult math subject for me personally, and I'd have to say, it took years for me to fully digest it. I took the course once (in the pure math department) but did not think I had learned anything useful. I took it again in the applied math department, and I learned some useful ideas but saw my grade drop a letter. I decided to stop there and continue on my own, learning it through dynamics, vibrations, controls, etc.
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