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What music do Physicists listen to?

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    What are some songs that physicists listen to?

    http://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/Aug06/physics.music.html" [Broken]

    Richard Feynman playing bongos

    I like classical songs, without sings/voice
    Piano, classical guitaring ect..

    I also like black metal, as it includes very skilled guitar solos and the good bands i've found do not have voice/singing in them (as opposed to that very angry death metal which is full of grunts and screaming... no thank you.

    What kind of Piano songs do you guys listen to?
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    No problem. :smile:
    I always like to share that one.

    Doppler Shifting by The Chromatics is also a fun one.
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    My physicist neighbor listens to that annoying song from Chumbawamba, Tubthumping.

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    Hmmmm.... there seems to be a correlation between finger dexterity and math/physics considering that many Mathematicians and Physicists play instruments like the piano.

    Oh Gawd
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    Don't forget this one.

    Monty Python's The Galaxy Song

    http://www.gecdsb.on.ca/d&g/astro/music/Galaxy_Song.html" [Broken]

    I guess that would be more for Astronomers, but it's a good song and it seems to be quite accurate.
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    I listen to a lot of Bob Dylan/ other acoustic folk.

    Also, I will listen to select bands from "modern" (90's-2000's) rock.
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    Whatever music a particular individual physicist wants to listen to...
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    Wecome to the Machine by Pink Floyd
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    Jonathan Scott

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    I play lots of amateur classical music (as those who've seen my "music room" in a recent Photo Contest thread might have guessed), mostly as a pianist and violinist (in orchestras and smaller groups like piano trios and quartets), and listen to the same. My favourites include Rachmaninov's second piano concerto and Bruch's 1st violin concerto (I've been "rehearsal soloist" with orchestra in both, although I haven't performed them in public).
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    I love "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" but my favorite is the version of Comfortably Numb on Pulse. That is the best guitar solo ever. I think I lost part of hearing because of that one. LOL

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    <---- David Gilmour (from Pink Floyd) in my Av

    damn, maybe physicists can be stereotyped after all.
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    Welcome to the Forum, David.
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    Thank you, I hope you don't mind that I'm fat and bald now from years of heroin use.
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    As long as you can whale on that gutiar David, we don't mind.
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    Three half-step bends, ghost bends, immaculate wah-wah pedal precision. I still got it.
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    I listen primarily to metal, especially death metal and folk metal. But, I enjoy almost everything, even stuff like Soulja Boy (I think it's hilarious) and Tila Tequila (also hilarious). It's a goal of mine to go to a concert of every major genre/subgenre of music, though I still have quite a while to go. Thus far, though, I've had the most fun at death metal shows.

    And since everyone else is saying it, I guess I'll mention Pink Floyd specifically :P Oh, I also play the guitar like several other people in this thread.
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