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What optimisation method to use?

  1. Jan 29, 2008 #1
    for the problem:
    - find H and W as functions of y0, E (having a method to solve for y0 = const, E=const is fine, too) such as product HW is max, under constraint: HW/(y0 + H) < E

    if numeric, the method should be fast.

    any suggestions?
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    ...from my attempt at solution, I have W < Ey0/H + E versus W = (max)/H, so it looks like for Ey0 <= 1 I have H approaching infinity, and for > 1 I have W approaching infinity.

    can someone verify this?

    ...EDIT now when I think about it more, it seems because of "W < ... + E" increasing H is always favoured, maybe not if we limit W and H to something less then infinity (in real world they are values no more than ~1000).
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    so it looks like this:

    - if Ey0 > 1 compare results for max W versus max H under our constraint,
    - otherwise use max H

    am I right or what?
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