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What options do I have after my physics Degree

  1. Jun 2, 2015 #1
    After my physics degre.. what arw the suitable master degrees. Can I take MBA after physics degree, will there be job opportunities for this combo ?
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Get yourself some of the magazines like Physics Today, Business Schools Today, and similar. These are he "happy gossip" mags, telling things like what profs have been hired, what labs have expanded, and things of this nature. Your university librarian may be able to help. Possibly Google.

    Find the issues that show recent grads and where they got jobs. Look for the ones that got jobs that make you want to emulate them. Possibly a given school will have this info on their web site, to some extent any way. That will give you some schools to think about.

    What degree you can take is strongly a function of what school you can get to accept you. Find some candidate schools and contact them. Google them and then get your email working. Find out what their admission requirements are. Also be sure to ask about scholarships. Many scholarships require you to apply. You do not get considered unless you apply.

    Whether you take an MBA or not depends on your desired path after that. An MBA probably means you want to go into the business end of the universe, probably some sort of management. Possibly start your own company. This is as opposed to technical or theoretical work. If that is your goal then an MBA may be for you.
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    To be honest it all comes down to you and your skills as a job seeker. I would say keep an open mind and consider fields other than just physics. Many physic graduates end up doing a masters in physics and eventually a Phd. Some work in finance, banking, and data entry level jobs too.

    Yea of course you can do an MBA after your physics degree. Nothing is stopping you from doing that lol

    Anyways I hope this helps :-)
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