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What problems will Millennials leave to their children?

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    Each generation left behind their own mess.

    The Silent Generation left behind a legacy of racism, bigotry and unflinching suburban values.
    The Baby Boomers left behind lots of greed, debt, a housing crisis and education bubble for us.

    What will we leave to our kids, any guesses?

    Potential issues: global warming, fuel/oil shortages, social security insolvency, and we're probably going to be Nazis to our kids on cell phones and video games after we see what they've done to our brains.
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    What problems will Millennials leave to their children?

    Probably the same problems inherited from the baby boomer generation - yet unresolved.
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    I think we do generate new ones, we are not yet aware of them.
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    Increased entropy.
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    I have a friend living in Alaska, and she shared the following article two days ago:

    http://www.ktuu.com/news/news/anchorage-school-suspends-1stgraders-for-plotting-to-poison-classmate/38751326 [Broken]

    Given that I didn't start plotting the demise of my fellow schoolmates until I was in high school, I found this a bit incomprehensible.

    As I mentioned the other day, in another thread, I was fired from my position about 4 years ago, and got to sit with my new "millennial" boss for a year.
    Somewhere in those 365 days, he mentioned that he really like the TV show "Dexter".
    I had never seen the show, so I googled it.
    It stuck me as a strange premise.

    I would suggest, that millennials not glorify murder, as a solution. As your children will pick up on that, and plot to kill people, for stealing their crayons.
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    While that is generally true, the really big problems Astronuc alluded to and the OP listed tend to be trans-generational and a problem is added or subtracted from that list only once every few decades.

    Global warming was only added to the list perhaps 20 years ago (it would probably be the youngest item), but first garnered attention about 50 years ago.

    If anything, we recently, at least temporarily removed one item from the list that has been there since the baby boomers were infants: oil depletion.
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