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What programming environment to use?

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    I'm planning on learning C over winter break. What is the best programming environment to use for C?
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    I recommend Devc++ ide from www.bloodshed.net. Its a free ide and good one for newbies.
    You could also try codeblocks.
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    u dont need any enviremont. use notepad on windows or any other text editor
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    I'm using Kernighan and Ritchie's "The C Programming Language."

    I'm quite lost on how you go about learning this language.

    I'm not sure if any of you have used this book, but so far, it doesn't seem the book lets you do any practice coding. One of the exercises states "run the "hell, world" program on your system."
    I probably sound so stupid, but how do I do that?
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    I recommend CodeBlocks as well if you're not comfortable programming yet. It is available for Windows and has a debugger and everything you need to just get to the programming aspect of learning C.
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    IMO; Kernighan and Ritchie's "The C Programming Language." is best used as a reference text not a beginners guide. It assumes you know how to compile and run your programs. Today, there exist so much stuf on beginning c on internet, google! I've used Deitel's "how to program in c" and its a good book for a gentle introduction.
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    Ugh just great already bought kernighan's book.

    I found the ebook for Deitel's tho.

    You recommend the latter for beginners?

    There was also another book called "programming in C" by Kochan that I heard was good.

    Idk which to pick.
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    I have never used Kochan's. So i cant say much of it. But once you get the basics of c language, you can use any other book. Just start with Deitels and move on.
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    If C++ were my first language I would have hard time to learn. My first ,actuall, language was vb.net and C# which were very similar. C++ is amazing otherwise.

    You can go here for learning:
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