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What sort of cable connector is this?

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    I don't think this is technical enough to post it in EE so I'm hoping someone

    in my project my supervisor bought this thing, it's power supply uses a cable shown in the attached image, problem is it is about a foot long. For the sake of a tidier work space we are trying to find an extension cable for it (1m+).

    problem is i have no clue what the cable and connectors are called, the closest things I've found are:

    which don't really look the same....

    The flat cable has 12 connectors, each one shaped like a belt around 1mm wide, distance to the next connector is also around 1mm.

    would someone happen to know what these things are called? cheers

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    They are called "ribbon cables" and come in a variety of widths (number of wires) and different styles of connectors.

    You should be able to buy a ready-made longer one. The connectors are often IDC types (insulation displacement connectors) which need a special tool to "clamp" them onto the ribbon without soldering, so you probably don't want to try assermbling the cable and connectors yourself.
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