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The Treaty Between the United States of America and the Russian Federation on Strategic Offensive Reductions (SORT), also known as the Treaty of Moscow, was a strategic arms reduction treaty between the United States and Russia that was in force from June 2003 until February 2011 when it was superseded by the New START treaty. At the time, SORT was positioned as "represent[ing] an important element of the new strategic relationship" between the two countries with both parties agreeing to limit their nuclear arsenal to between 1,700 and 2,200 operationally deployed warheads each. It was signed in Moscow on 24 May 2002. After ratification by the U.S. Senate and the State Duma, SORT came into force on 1 June 2003. It would have expired on 31 December 2012 if not superseded by New START. Either party could have withdrawn from the treaty upon giving three months written notice to the other.

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  1. G

    I Is there a name for this sort of differential equation?

    Is there a name to this sort of differential equation? $$ f(z) + 2zf'(z) + f''(z) = 0 ~. $$ I ran into it somewhere and it does not look to be Hermite. I think it has the general solution $$ f(z) = e^{-z^2} \big( c_1 + c_2 \Phi(\sqrt{3}z) \big) \quad \textnormal{($\Phi(x)$ is probit function.)}...
  2. MathematicalPhysicist

    B What sort of an experiment can refute QM or QFTs?

    I assume most people when they refer to Quantum Theory, they sort of referring to QFT. So my question boils down to, what sort of an experiment could potentially refute QFTs (its plural because there are QF theories)?
  3. I

    Comp Sci Matrix problem in java using bubble sort

    I have taken the variables as follows: A[][]=the matrix max=to store the maximum integer value present in the matrix min=to store the minimum integer value present in the matrix sum=to store the sum of boundary elements display()=methos to print matrix sort()=method to sort matrix in descending...
  4. CanFan

    B What sort of can would roll the fastest?

    Hello, I'm new here so apologies if this is in the wrong place! I was wondering, hypothetically, what sort of canned food would roll the fastest (assuming the ramp remained constant and the can couldn't be altered)? I've been looking this up and I know a solid can would roll faster than an...
  5. evinda

    MHB How to Sort Elements of a Matrix in O(n) Time Complexity?

    Hello! (Wave) Let a matrix with $n$ integers in the interval $[1,100]$. I want to write an algorithm that sorts the elements of the matrix in $O(n)$. [Hint: Count and use the number of times that each number appears] I have thought the following: We create a matrix with $100$ entries. If the...
  6. R

    Comparing sorting algorithms -- Insertion Sort vs. Merge Sort

    The answer says insertion sort runs faster when we're sorting less than 43 items. I agree but with the condition that the first item will not be faster. Why does the answer not mention this? Is it because it is insignificantly faster?
  7. S

    What sort of culling of visual information does the brain do?

    The brain receives a lot of visual information some of which is redundant visual information. I am imagining it like the brain receiving a 1000 pixel wide by 1000 tall image of a road. The brain has received 1,000,000 bits/pixels of information. I am assuming the brain doesn't need all that...
  8. S

    Help with some sort of formula to determine resistance to heat

    I am not that smart when it comes to math. But I was wondering if there is a formula calculator or something online that would help me with the example of a problem. For instance if the attic is 130 degrees and I have a 14 inch round metal duct to my air conditioner in the Attic is there a way...
  9. YoungPhysicist

    Physical representation of bead sort

    Bead sort is a not practical sorting algorithm that suppose to have a time complexity of ##O(\sqrt{n})##in the real world. I thought it would be great if a device that can take numbers from the computer,then turn it into analog stuff that the device can read,drop the beads,and return it...
  10. S

    MHB Binary Search Tree - Sort the same BSTree by name or by weight

    I've tackled a lot so far! I've created methods to delete, get the weight, and sort the tree by name. My goal is to have my switch criteria change how the tree is sorted, either by weight or by name. I haven't figured out how to implement it within my switchCriteria() method, so I've been...
  11. A

    Electrical hinge mechanism of some sort?

    I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post this, but here it is! I'm currently trying to create a prop for one of my friends, since I found it an interesting challenge. This is a simple drawing of what I'm trying to do: The button, battery and so on it not my problem, it's that I've no...
  12. thrasher1031

    Need some information about Shell Sort

    Hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone knows which uses or applications has Shell Sort and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this sorting method. So far i can't find a lot of information on the applications only that is used in some form in the Linux Kernel and on a library from C...
  13. TreeLover

    B An exercise related to the mass of the Milky Way, sort of.

    So, in preparation to the Portuguese Astronomy Olympiads, I've stumbled upon this problem (exercise): The sun, which is 8 kpc away from the centre of the Milky Way, has a rotation speed of approximately 220 kms-1 . Whereas a a star that is 15 kpc from the centre of the Galaxy orbits at a speed...
  14. W

    E = hf what sort of Energy is this?

    Homework Statement Is this E - say of an electron - the very E in E2 = (mc2)2 + (pc)2? If it isn't, what sort of Energy is this? Help is greatly appreciated! Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  15. S

    Help with this notation -- some sort of norm?

    I need help understanding this notation, what does this mean? Squared of 2-norm? 1. Homework Statement Thanks
  16. Z

    Java Problem with Merge Sort Alg Implementation

    Hi, I am trying to implement merge Sort Alg in Java. I am not getting any error but its not printing sorted list . can some body please guide me? My code is: import javax.swing.*; public class MergeAlg2{ static int[ ] arr={2, 4, 5, 7, 1, 3, 6, 8}; int [ ] L; int [ ] R; void...
  17. BL4CKB0X97

    Stargazing What sort of camera would you use?

    Hi. I am doing a project concerning getting a picture of the milky way, in a similar manner of the artists impressions artwork( I don't actually intend to try it obviously). As I don't have a clue what camera to use as an example becuase I need the FOV to work out how far it needs to travel...
  18. Ryan Walsh

    What sort of material stops magnetic flow

    I just want to know what would reduce a magnets strength or stop it with a material over it so that its not magnetic anymore. Is there a material that would not allow two magnets attaching N+P from colliding together and make them not move. 1 More question. Is there a electro magnetic device or...
  19. S

    MHB Do I weight this? Do some sort of average?

    I have 5 boxes and I am displaying the amount of hours it takes to complete 3 different steps with the materials inside said boxes (you don't need it, but its item removal, rebagging, and consolidation). However, there are different amount of bags inside each box, and I need to make a comparison...
  20. H

    Is there some sort of heat conductive wave?

    Hello, i am new at the forum and i hope i can help and get helped so we can move forward in our projects/jobs/studies. I also ask please to correct any gramatical or vocabulary mistake, since i am still learning english. Now to the actual problem. I am already building some kind of epoxy resin...
  21. S

    I What sort of energy can be stored?

    So apparently something like heat or work cannot be stored but things like kinetic energy or PE can be...? Can someone clarify this? Is it because heat and work aren't state functions?
  22. S

    Time Travel Theory: Exploring Particle Entanglement

    So I was writing a short story and I came up with this scenario. Please pardon my Arrogance, but my theory uses several theories. I do have some sort of knowledge in Physics but here it goes. Could you, hypothetically transfer information in the form of gravitational waves between two entangled...
  23. G

    What sort of EM field is produced in an induction heater?

    What sort of EM field is produced in an induction heater? And how to measure it? That's it, basically. Assuming an induction heater is running on 200khz, and consuming about 3000 watts, how would I go about measuring the magnetic field produced in its coil? Now, I'm rather confused about all...
  24. D

    Merge sort running time O(nlogn) formula

    Hello! If T denotes running time, then, as I heard at the lecture, T(n/2) + T(n/2) + O(n) = O(nlogn) where T(n/2) running time for sorting the left half T(n/2) running time for sorting the right half O(n) merging sorted Please, help me to see the math - how did the...
  25. E

    Can I use root-sum-square for this sort of problem?

    Homework Statement This isn't actually a problem I came across in a textbook, but close enough. Let's say I have a rod made of n sections. Each section has a 3-simga manufacturing uncertainty of +/- some value normally distributed about the mean. What is the uncertainty of the final length of...
  26. waver.

    C/C++ Why is my insertion sort code not working for certain array sizes?

    hi Guys i wrote a insertion sort code which is #include <iostream> /*Waver*/ using namespace std; int main() { int n,i,m; float a[100],k; cout<<"enter the amount of number"; cin>>n; for(i=0; i<n; i++) cin>>a[i]; for(i=1; i<=n; i++) { for(m=1 ; m<=i; m++) { if(a[m]<a[m-1])...
  27. Wallis

    Let's Sort Out This Gravity Thing - c And All That

    "General relativity predicts that disturbances in the gravitational field propagate as gravitational waves, and that low-amplitude gravitational waves travel at the speed of light." It seems high energy waves may travel slower, but certainly not faster. So, a large star whilst going supernova...
  28. S

    Double the Protection: 3-D Printed Robot Cracks Combination Locks in 30 Seconds

    If any PF members use combination locks to secure valuables, you might want to re-think your security measures protecting those treasures: http://www.wired.com/2015/05/little-3-d-printed-robot-cracks-combination-locks-30-seconds/ A hacker has developed an Arduino-based combo-lock picker which...
  29. N

    Mass problem or something of a sort (E=mc^2)

    Hi guys! My question is kinda stupid and I'm new here so: At the border between the quantum and classics worlds how E=mc^2 works? Like in which states you'll have quantum tunnelling, in which just the classic classical way of not passing the barrier (I do not mean classic/quantum world) and when...
  30. A

    Python program to sort negative numbers and even numbers?

    Homework Statement I have to make a program that would end when entered a 0 and print out negative numbers and even numbers separately but what I have so far is not working. The Attempt at a Solution numbers = [] negative_numbers = [] while True: number = input("Enter a number: ")...
  31. W

    Difference Between Sort By, Order By & Group By

    Hi, just curious about the difference between the " Sort By " and " Order By" commands in database. I assume Sort by is used in QBE and "Order by" is used in SQL ? While we're at it, how about "Group By"? Thanks.
  32. I

    What sort of summer job should I get?

    I am currently a first year undergraduate majoring in physics and mathematics. I plan on applying to several different physics (and possibly math) internships/undergraduate research position next year. Before I begin applying I would however like to 'beef up' my CV, so I plan on obtaining some...
  33. Clever boy

    Does antimatter have its own sort of properties?

    If antimatter moves in the direction it was pushed from, is this because it has its own sort of properties such as inertia in regular matter?
  34. evinda

    MHB Topological Sort: Finding a Contradiction

    Hello! (Wave) The topological sort of a graph can be considered as an order of its nodes along a horizontal line so that all the directed edges go from the left to the right. How could we show that all the directed edges go fom the left to the right? We suppose that it is: Then it holds...
  35. 22990atinesh

    Maximum number of comparisons required to merge two sorted files

    Homework Statement Maximum no. of comparisons required to merge two sorted files of length 'm' and 'n' is.. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I think m+n-1
  36. J

    How can I sort photons by spin?

    I want to split a photon beam with no net angular momentum into two beams in both of which the sum of photon spins is not zero.
  37. T

    Java Solve Java Selection Sort Issues | Hi, I'm Working on Code

    Hi, I'm currently working on my selection sort code, and I've come across some problems. i import java.util.Arrays; import java.io.*; public class SelectionSort { int a[]; static int n; public static void main(String[] args) { int array[] = { 5,3,9,7,1,8 }; n = 6...
  38. rcgldr

    Merge sort using linked indexes

    These are example programs that sort an array of linked indexes to a primary array. Rather than having an array of indexes, the starting index is returned directly, each entry in the array is the index of the next entry in the array. In otherwords, array(i) contains the index of the next element...
  39. M

    MHB How can we implement this sort?

    Hey! :o Consider the following sorting method. Start with a sequence consisting of one element. Insert the remaining elements into the sequence one at a ime by binary search. Devise a data structure which allow you to perform binary search and insert elements quickly. How can we implement...
  40. evinda

    MHB Insertion Sort: Explained and Applied

    Hi! (Smile) $\text{ Could you explain me how I could sort the following list, applying the Insertion sort ? }$
  41. evinda

    MHB Calculating the Cost of Insertion Sort: O(n)

    Hello! (Wave) I am looking at the algorithm of the Insertion Sort: Input: $A[1 \dots n]$ $\leftrightarrow$ a sequence of $n$ numbers for j<-2 to n key<-A[j] i<-j-1 while (i>0 and A[i]>key) A[i+1]<-A[i] i<-i-1 end A[i+1]<-key end I want to...
  42. L

    Physics What Sort of Problems Could I Be Researching as a Quantum Chemist?

    This area sounds interesting to me to focus a PhD on. But I was wondering what problems are there in quantum chemistry that need researchers? If I became a quantum chemist, which sort of problems would I be working on, and are they problems with practical implications or mostly theoretical...
  43. G

    What sort of professionals work in nanofabrication?

    For the past few months I have been working in an CM experiment lab at my university (I just wrapped up my first year of undergrad) and am now working for the same professor in an REU over the summer. Though my work, I have come into a lot of contact with nanofabrication techniques...
  44. C

    Why do isolators have a sort of circular spring around?

    Can someone Please explain to me how do these isolators works, i mean what about the parts? why does it look like this? and what's the purpose of the spring like thing around the isolators?
  45. M

    Why is silver acetate sort of insoluble?

    One of my first solubility lessons regarded the great ability of the acetate ion to form a water-soluble salt with any other cation. One of my most recent lessons regarded the great ability of the silver(I) ion to override the previous rule. Why is silver the only ion that makes a...
  46. S

    Getting Started with OpenCV: A Guide for Windows Users

    "Executing", sort of, OpenCV For those who are not aware of OpenCV, "Computer vision (CV) is a rapidly growing field, partly as a result of both cheaper and more capable cameras, partly because of affordable processing power..." I'm trying to figure out OpenCV myself, and while doing so I...
  47. J

    What sort of Math do I need for a plagiarism detection algorithm?

    I'm trying to figure out the theory behind a simple plagiarism detection algorithm I'm making. The essence is that it's a function f:S×S→[0, 1] where S is the set of all strings and [0, 1] is the plagiarism quotient with 0 being no plagiarism and 1 being a completely copied string (that...
  48. Q

    What sort of degree is best for working on propulsion systems?

    Hello I am currently an aerospace engineer at university and was beginning to wonder whether it was the best idea to be an AE engineer. The curriculum involves courses on propulsion systems and the different methods as well as other courses about the actual structure of aircraft and...
  49. J

    MHB How Does the Selection Sort Algorithm Work?

    Sort with Selection Sort algorithms the following list: 329, 363, 373, 334, 320 Give the intermediate lists at each step. I found the following information about Selection Sort. It states as follows: "The idea of selection sort is rather simple: the next largest (or smallest) element in the...
  50. J

    MHB Intermediate Steps in Insertion Sort Algorithm

    Sort with Insertion Sort Algorithms the following list: 329, 364, 373, 334, 320 Give the intermediate lists at each step. Can somebody please tell me if this is correct for Insertion Sort Algorithms? 329, 364, 373, 334, 320 1. 329, 364, 373, 334, 320 2. 364, 329, 373, 334, 320 3. 329...