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What subject for thesis in algebra

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    I'm a graduate student in mathematics and abstract algebra, and I'm looking for an exciting subject in algebra to work on for my thesis . I want the subject be new and sth that one can give paper on it . Any suggestion will be appreciated !
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    Vanadium 50

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    What does you advisor think?
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    he suggested some subjects to me that aren't interesting to me .
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    Post the topics that he suggested and what you don't find interesting about them. That will give people more details about your studies as to suggest a good topic.
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    the subjects were about "zero-divisor graphs of rings "and the graphs associated to rings . Actually I look for a subject in ring theory .
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    Perhaps you should speak to your advisor more about it, afterall they are the one that will be guiding your work so it's helpful for them to know what you find interesting and any ideas that you have.

    It seems as though it's pretty common to take advice from random, unknown people on an internet forum when you've got an expert in the field (in your advisor) at your disposal. Of course it's helpful to speak to people here but as for things to research, it might be nice to have an indepth discussion about what you want to do - that way your advisor might be more helpful in suggesting topics you'll enjoy for future works.
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    I think it is exciting if you discuss The Inverse Problem in the Calculus of Variations in your thesis. This is a famous question in the calculus of variations. And until now, I don't have any idea about it.
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    Since when is that algebra?
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