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What to brush up on? Modern Physics I and Vector Analysis

  1. Nov 11, 2009 #1
    I'm taking these next semester. I'm taking Differential Equations right now, so I'll have that under my belt.

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    Anyone? lol.
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    I assume 1301 and 1302 are a standard calculus-based intro (classical) physics sequence. For modern physics, I'd suggest reviewing energy and momentum concepts. If you covered the -1/r potential energy function for electrostatics and/or gravity, you'll probably need that when you get to the hydrogen atom. And when you get to Schrödinger's equation, you'll be using basic wave functions like [itex]\cos (kx - \omega t)[/itex]. And complex numbers.
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    Actually, the cal-based courses are 1321 and 1322, University Physics I and II, which I took. Phys 1301 and 1302 are the algebra-based courses, General Physics I and II.

    I'll jump on those chapters once this semester is over. Thanks for the info.
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