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What to do after graduating with a BA in Physics

  1. Oct 28, 2011 #1
    Hi everyone,

    This is my first time posting but I've read many threads from here and I find that all of you seem to be provide good insight and advice on students questions, so here's mine.

    I am a pursuing a BA in Physics and a BA in Mathematics, my school offers a 3+2 engineering program with the physics degree, and I want to work in the engineering field for my career.

    My question(s) is should I pursue the BA in Physics with the 3+2 program, or just get my BA in Physics (with engineering related courses for my physics electives: Statics, Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics/Dynamics, Strength of Materials, Thermodynamics, Analytical Mechanics, Technical Reports in Physics and Engineering) and apply for grad schools for engineering.

    I will be done at my current school with either choice, and I don't know know what to do when I graduate. Maybe I should try finding a job instead?

    How hard would it be to get into grad school with a BA in physics to study engineering?
    (relatively good grades: 3.6 GPA)

    I want to study either Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering at my next school.
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  3. Oct 28, 2011 #2
    Your GPA looks fine to get into a graduate school. I assume your 3/2 program is something like an Engineering Physics degree, with the BA coming from the 1st and the BA/BS or MS in Engineering from the second? If the second is just a BA/BS, I'd go for the MS. While not necessary, it will give you a leg up on positions as your career ages. Large engineering companies like Bechtel have bullpens full of engineers, but many are BS only. Usually the school that completes the 3/2 program is a university that has a graduate school, like UVA. It shouldn’t be difficult to stay on, when you are already in.

    Lastly, network with alumni for internships, training positions, etc., and use the faculty you are friendly with to help you make contacts with alumni in companies.
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