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What to eat before big test?

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    OK. As many of you know, thanks to my incessant complaining :smile:, I am taking the Physics GRE this Saturday. I have done all the studying I could possibly do. I have more physics memorized than I ever thought possible!

    This week, I plan to focus on physically and mentally preparing myself. That means eating well and getting good amounts of sleep. It also means relaxing as much as possible.

    So, on the topic of eating well, what are good foods to eat before an exam? I am assuming I should focus on lean protein, lots of fruits and vegetables and to not overeat. Is there anything else I should worry about in regards to eating correctly?
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    avoid sugar and simple carbs. Also, I always take a complete B vitamin complex. It may be all in my head, but I find I just feel generally better and more focused. I can live on way less sleep and get a lot more done in a day. I originally started taking it for depression, and although it didnt really help me with that, it definitely makes me feel better physically. You may not be into it but yoga is a great relaxer if you can get right into it and close off your thoughts. Tea is suppose to help with focus and relaxation, and my mom is always telling me to eat blue berries (bleck)
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    I usually consume a power bar or two before a significant exam. The reason is to keep the endurance up rather than to improve any skills. If you master the material then it's just smooth sailing. Fruits and vegetables is part of a regular diet.
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    Go easy on the caffeine - it does help the brain to wake up, but it wakes up your bladder even more.

    Good luck, French fry guy :smile: !
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    I wouldn't make any changes in your diet just before a major test.

    Think about how certain foods you normally eat make you feel try to eat something that won't make you drowsy.

    The last thing you want to do is eat something that you aren't used to or an amount you aren't used to as you could end up feeling bad and ruining your chances at the test.
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    Neither me.

    But, I read Zen poems sometimes. So, I guess you should try some activities that relaxes you and make you forget about all the worldly tensions.

    Maybe that's why I randomly smile during exams time when everyone is stressed out and draw smiles all over on my exam paper :)
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    I agree with fileen, instead of simple carbs, complex carbs such as a bowl of oatmeal with some fruit takes longer to digest and I find, yields energy over a much longer period of time. Blueberries is a good suggestion, not only are they tastey :tongue2:, they are high in antioxidants. If http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/pr/1999/990910b.htm" [Broken] are a good indicator, it appears to improve short-term memory. If you don't care for oatmeal, brown rice and whole wheat items are also good source of complex carbs.

    Going along with Evo's suggestion, instead of eating things you are not used to, try them out ahead of time and see how your body reacts. You don't want any surprises from your stomach while you're taking an exam.
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    dont change anything. your body is used to something already and a change could throw it off.
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    I have researched this for chess tournament performance. The answer is grapefruit juice. The quick-dissolving sugars go right to the blood for brain energy. Don't eat much. Blood is needed for the brain and not the stomach. Also deep steady breathing is important. Sometimes when we concentrate, we forget to breathe! It's true. Often you hear someone let out a big exhalation in the midst of difficult concentration.
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    ............seriously man? :rolleyes:

    Food. Eat food.
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    I never used to eat anything, but I have a funny tummy.
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    At my age, I'm always told to prepare for a test by eating nothing for 24 hours prior. However, assuming you are still young, Be sure to eat a hearty breakfast:

    Chilled Artichoke Soup with Truffle Butter

    Orzo "Risotto Style", Parsley Emulsion
    Spanish Octopus Bolognese

    Rabbit "Ballotine" with Truffle Caramelized Quince and Roasted Fig, Natural Jus Flavored with Lemon

    2004 Vin de Pays d'Oc, "Le Roc"
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    Can you get ahold of some brains? I've never eaten them, but if you have to pick one thing specific to eat before a test they seem like an obvious choice.
    Judging from your post though I'd say a glass of orange juice and a Prozac. You are just too wound up. mellow out, you know the material. the rest is just filling in the dots. Its a piece of cake. Hey, piece of cake for breakfast works too.
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    I only understood 22 out of 34 words in that breakfast
    Chilled Artichoke Soup with Truffle Butter
    Style Parsley Emulsion
    Spanish Octopus
    Rabbit with Truffle Caramelized and Roasted Fig, Natural Flavored with Lemon
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    I think you shouldn't change your dietary pattern just before the test. Best of luck G01, I'm sure you'll do well!

    P.S: I'm writing the test too on November 8th. Don't forget Positronium :)
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    It is so clear now! Thanks Cyrus. I was trying to eat cardboard the past couple days, but now you say food! So simple!:biggrin:

    Seriously though, there are some bad things to eat right before a test. For example, if you eat too may simple sugars, like candy bars or sugary drinks, you may run out of energy before the test is over, since the sugar will be processed too quickly and you'll end up with lower than average blood sugar ~2 hours later. Since this is a 3 hour test, I don't want that to happen.



    Good luck to you as well, siddharth.
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    I always pound one of these down in the morning. Keeps me goin all day, kinda like ODing on Ritalin. Its got something like 1200% B12 per serving. And the large bottles are over 4 servings!

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    Seriously though, how can you get exhausted from writing exams besides getting a cramp in your hand.

    If you get exhausted, you need to see a doctor.
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    I used to say I was exhausted after taking tests all day and I'd get sympathy. Everyone would tell me how exhausting tests can be, but I was lying. I always felt like I had sat in a chair all day and colored in little circles with a number 2 pencil. Sometimes the walk to the car afterwards was exhausting.
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