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What to revise for Linear Algebra?

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    Hello! Please I am a Junior university student. I would like to ask you what i need to revise before taking the Linear Algebra course.

    After completing the A-Levels in Mathematics according to the Edexel system, they transferred for me the credits for Calculus I and II Courses. The fact that, i didn't take any Calculus II in high school, or through my A-levels curriculum is not giving me a good feeling. They simply transferred for me things that i don't know.

    My Question: I am going to take Linear Algebra this semester, what do you recommend i shall revise before the classes starts? Shall i go after some integration techniques from calculus II which i didn't take before? or shall I break some matrices exercises and some other concepts related to sets?

    I will be waiting for your kind reply,

    Thanks in advance for your help :D

    My Best Regards,
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    A review of matrices would be far better. Calculus is completely absent from introductory Linear Algebra.

    Most colleges use Linear Algebra as their "Intro to Proofs" class. You learn what a basis is. You learn what a linear function is. You prove that a the linear function can be uniquely defined by its action on a basis. No integrals in sight.
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    I'm going to echo Tac-Tics on this. Going back through calculus won't help you a whole lot, except maybe a couple of concepts that are covered in vector/multivariable calculus. Those are really linear algebra concepts anyway, and you'll learn them more thoroughly in this class.

    Also, having graded for a linear algebra course, I highly recommend that you make sure you're completely proficient in basic algebra concepts, too. It's surprising the number of people who make errors from material covered in 2nd year high school algebra!
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