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What type of athmosphere would a planet with red and pink trees have

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    If a planet had red and pink plants and vegitation what kind of athmosphere would it have.If it had a purple sky and it was 112 million miles from a blue sun what kind of athmosphere would create yellow transparent water instead of green or blue.
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    Hi tyquniaum! :smile:

    Plants using chlorophyll have to be green (I think).

    But there are other ways of getting energy, even on Earth.

    From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_algae" [Broken] …
    So even an Earth-like planet can have red and pink plants and vegetation. :smile:

    And I think the colour of the sea is mostly caused by the way water absorbs different colours (and by what's in the water), and so has almost nothing to do with the atmosphere.
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    Here's a link to a SciAm article about this:

    Hypothetically, the red and pink plants would still create oxygen, so the atmosphere would not change due to the plant color.
    Water doesn't have a color. The Earth's seas reflect the sky's blue color, so your purple sky should create a purple reflection.
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    False on two counts.

    1] Technically, water is very faintly blue. (However this is not a strongly contributing factor to the observed colour of our seas.)

    2] Large volumes of water preferentially absorb red wavelengths of light. (This obvious once you realize that the red colours are absorbed more the deeper you go. If it were an atmo thing, it wouldn't be so.)

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    I am dubious about the veracity of answers of answers.com. Nonetheless, it actually corroborates my claim. Sea colour is not a reflection of atmo colour. I listed two other sources of the colour. I didn't mean to suggest they were the only ones.

    I do grant that the colour of the atmo would surely influence the perception of the colour of the sea, true. (A red atmo over the (blue) sea would not look red or blue, it would look black.)
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    I found it ironic that in your link, the deep blue lake reflects the white mountains...and the sky.
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    So I guess then, in my orange bathroom, the colour of the water in my bathtub is orange?
    And I guess the colour of the mirror in my bedroom is yellow, since that's the colour of the walls it reflects?

    i.e.: Reflection is a whole different animal.
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    I assumed the question was meant the other way around.
    chlorophyll absorbs green because it's the peak of the sun's output in the visible, if it had been on a planet where blue and green light is absorbed it would have evolved to absorb red/pink.
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    Actually, chlorophyll reflects green and absorbs red and violet; that's why leaves appear green. There are a lot of guesses as to why, like http://www.livescience.com/environment/070410_purple_earth.html, but I don't know what the current scientific consensus is.
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    Wouldn't the color of the plants have to do with the wavelength of light from the star?
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    I'm not sure what the atmosphere on the planet would be like, but I'm sure that the local residents would be unnecessarily hairy and their dialect would tend to be filled with entertainingly nonsensical rhyming words.

    Oh yeah, and they like to eat green eggs and ham.
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