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What type of person succeeds in physics?

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    Does a particular personality work well in the society of physicists? Aside from the obvious intellectual skills, how does one achieve interpersonally in the field? When interacting with colleagues, are there any differences to other sciences?
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    From personal experience, interaction with people (professors, grad students, . . .) in physics is no different that interacting with people in engineering or other sciences. My interaction with physicists has been the same as interacting with those in other sciences and engineering.

    However, in interacting with people, one finds there are a variety of peronalities. Some are very open while others are not. Some people are great mentors while others are not.

    The idea though is for one to find those people with whom one can form a collegial relationship, and one's success will be based upon one's diligence, achievement and integrity.
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    And being really really smart. Smarter than me.
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    You have to be persistant. If you give up easily you will never make it.
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    And even persistence is no guarantee, only your heart can be master. It is easier to be a physicist and become a trash man then vice versa.
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    What do you mean trash man? Like a garbage man that knows advanced physics?? Or like the character from good will hunting that is a construction worker?
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    I'd like to see that. :rofl:
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    Only what I said, if one is a physicist, he or she could likeky push a mop, with enough training. To sweep a near object from danger might require the skills of both.
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    I think he is referring to Dilbert's sanitation engineer, the world's smartest garbage-man.
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    Engineer also is a physicist ~
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    Sure, I think it is even more about being passionated with physics. Thinking that you could much more money by doing something else than physics makes it difficult to put up with the fact that getting a permanent position may take a very long time.
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