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What was your co-op/internship pay?

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    I just got my official offer from IBM for the Summer and Fall Co-op and its $19.75 an hour, 40 hour weeks, and time in a half for anything over! They also tossed in $1250 for moving costs even if I don't need that much they just are hooking me up.

    I still have 2 years left to graduate college as well. I didn't realize it was going to be that sweet.

    What was your average co-op/internship pay?
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    I made $14.50/hr working for Takata, which is an automotive safety firm. That's about par for the course for automotive companies in this area. I didn't get any overtime or moving compensation (but they were located in my area). However, I know co-ops working for DTE making around $18/hr, but it's grunt work and the experience they get isn't that great.

    Are you in California? I'd imagine cost of living is higher there and pay rates are adjusted accordingly.

    But congrats. That's great pay and I'm sure it will be a great experience. Right now I am working at Wayne State University's smart sensors and integrated microsystems lab as an REU. I went from making 14.50/hr to 8.50/hr, but the experience at the REU is more in-line with what I plan on doing, so I think it was a good choice.
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    I'm actually East Coast, going to Penn State (Pennsylvania) but they are relocating me to North Carolina in Research Triangle Park and the cost of living in RTP is less than it is in PA!

    So its a pretty sweet deal and the weather is like summer all year round! I can't wait.

    If its what you enjoy and what you want to be doing pay doesn't matter the experience is so I think you made a good choice as well!
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