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What salary could I expect from Volvo summer co-op?

  1. Nov 3, 2015 #1
    I'm from eastern Europe so i was really surprised to get a call from Volvo that I have naively applied to for a summer co-op internship. The problem is that the summer is short and it would require me to travel to and from USA which is expensive. What pay could i expect from such work and would it actually be enough to survive in the states for 3 months?
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    Unless someone here has specific experience with Volvo's internship program it is impossible to say. When I was an intern 20 years ago I got $10 an hour and I had friends making $25 an hour and others who had housing included. The variation between internships is enormous.

    Congratulations on the internship offer! If you can at all swing it I would go for the opportunity unless you have an even better one closer to home.
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    I really don't know if I can "swing it" but It feels great to be contacted after several failed attempts. I'm also interested in this whole European in the States employment thing. Let me know if you know anything about visas, prices etc.
    Doesn't look like it's profitable for them to employ an outsider.
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    Many summer internships in the US are unpaid. You really need to ask the employer, nobody else will be able to tell you.
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    1. just ask Volvo about the reimbursement.
    2. Even if it is unpaid, do it (but try to negotiate about it). Such experience can be of great value later in life.
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