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What weird foods do you eat? (revisited)

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    In reading https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=67979,#7", I was drawn to MIH's entry, about boiled peanuts
    I like boiled peanuts too (pronounced balled)!!
    Just made a pot of them yesterday.. Mmmmmm good eatin' :approve:
    I put my raw peanuts in salt water(1/4c Kosher salt per quart water), brought them to a boil in a crock pot set to high and just let it go until the peanuts got to the right texture (soft but not mushy). It takes awhile to get enough salt flavor into the peanuts. If your boiled peanuts have reached the right texture but not salty enough; just shut off the heat and let it sit. The longer the peanuts sit in the salty water, the saltier they will become. If your peanuts are too salty, just dilute the brine with water. As long as you've shut off the heat, they shouldn't get any softer, but the salt will diffuse out of the peanuts into the diluted solution.

    I haven't tried this yet, but did find some temping variations on the traditional recipe. Cajun boiled peanuts, add some "Zatarain's crawfish, crab and shrimp boil" seasoning to the salt water and simmer. Yummmmm :tongue2:
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    Boiled peanuts ain't weird!

    In India, they are almost a staple snack. I grew up on b-p, and they're yummy!!

    Wiki says: "In India, Ghana, Nigeria, the Philippines, Indonesia and Salvador, Bahia, boiled peanuts are eaten as street food."
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    My wife just boiled up a pack that she bought at the Chinese grocery.
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    I don't eat anything terribly weird. I like eel. That's about it.
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    I like eel too! One of my favorite forms of sushi - warm eel with eel sauce, and sesame seeds.

    I had squid-on-a-stick in Japan. There was a festival, and a street vendor was boiling them outdoors, and putting them on sticks. Nice flavor, but a bit gummy.
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    Squid is so so. I've had some good octopus but not any squid that was worth mentioning. There is a little thai place next to my grandparents that makes a garlic squid I was meaning to try. When my friend bought it though it was a giant heaping portion and I seriously doubted I would eat so much.
    Oh and there's calamari! I forgot about that.
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    Raw oysters....yum.
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    That's not weird! That's good stuff.

    I like Penrose brand pickled lamb tongues - either right out of the jar, or sliced up in a sandwich made on rye bread with horseradish and spicy mustard. I started taking the sandwiches to work after a couple of female co-workers complained that the whole lamb-tongues were "gross".
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    Fried bologna and peanut butter sandwiches are pretty good too :smile:.
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    At one time or another I have surrounded the following:
    Puffer fish (fugu)
    Sea Cucumber

    On my todo list

    These aren't really weird, just unusual in my neighborhood. For weird, there's peanut butter, pickles and mayonaise. It's not a door, so you can try it before you knock it.
  12. May 22, 2009 #11
    Chocolate ants and guinea pigs. And Jimmy, I ate Armadillo once. Guinea Pig is better.
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    Since the topic of weird foods has been raised...
    I'm getting really sick of seeing Activia ads on TV. Bad enough that yogurt would gag a maggot; now they're bragging that it makes you **** too. :grumpy:
    There are also the Cheese Whiz commercials. 'Adds personality.'??!! Since when is 'personality' defined as an overwhelming urge to vomit?
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    Nice list, Jimmy. For me:

    Ostrich - no, but I would try it
    Caribou - yes, tastes like Elk to me
    Alligator - don't think so, but I would try it
    Puffer fish - no, no way I would eat that, I love being alive
    Sea cucumber - once, tastes like burning rubber, absolutely horrible
    Buffalo - once or twice a week, it's wonderful
    Horse - not to my knowlege :eek:

    Armadillo and Camel - no, but I'd try them.

    Just to add to the list - I've had rattlesnake. Tastes like salmon, a bit fishier though. Not very good, IMO.

    And of course the usual game - duck, goose, deer.
  15. May 23, 2009 #14
    Sea cumbers are just flat out weird.
  16. May 23, 2009 #15


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    Had alligator once.

    I like toasted bread with some mayonnaise and some sliced meat as a snack.

    I like ketchup on rice.

    Where I live cow foot is delicious. Not everyone eats it but I love it.

    Some eat cow tongue here.

    I've tried tripe also, so so.

    And something called mannish water. Tis everything on a goat into one soup. Not bad

    Oh and lest I forget, delicious turtle!
  17. May 24, 2009 #16
    When I was a youngster I used to like striking matches and then eating the ends of them.I was a strange kid,I didn't use any seasoning.
    I'm sure I was eating a cocktail of nasties so don't try it.
  18. May 25, 2009 #17
    I've had dried mopani worms (big fat grubs). Also, salted and dried fish.

    My favourite snack that I like to eat on a regular basis (when i can get my hands on it) is biltong, a dried and salted meat (can be beef or game, even ostrich) traditional in South Africa.

    I love ostrich, it's really high in protein and low in fat and has a mild game taste.

    We eat french fries with mayo here (it took me a while to get used to)

    I used to snack on a stick of celery dipped into the jar of peanut butter.

    We eat chocolate spread on bread for breakfast here too, also pretty wierd for me, but I like it!
  19. May 25, 2009 #18
    Hi there,

    It's pretty amazing that what seems weird in some part of the world, is completely normal in others.

    Around here, one of the weirdest food I came across is veal's head. You have to get over the name at first, and just dive into the soupy mixture. It taste very good, and gives alot of alot.

  20. May 25, 2009 #19


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    I don’t think this is as weird as yours, but I like for snack salted roasted almonds... some people I know just love roasted grasshopper, they say it’s really yummy :yuck:
  21. May 25, 2009 #20


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    jimmy has me beat.

    I love blood sausage with calve's tongue, a nice pink tongue in the middle of the thick black blood. YUM!

    I've had alligator, squirrel, dove (bony little things, don't know why people waste time eating them unless they have no other options)

    I've eaten tripe, didn't like it.

    I eat hearts and kidney's, liver, gizzards, love them.

    Snails and frog legs are delicious. Baby octopus, cooked right, is yummy. It was a specialty at a small Italian restaurant I used to go to.

    I've eaten eel sushi and did not like it. I ate some weird fermented stuff when I was in Japan that I had to spit out. I can usually tolerate anything, but whatever it was was too horrible to swallow.
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