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What would affect horsepower more: speed or mass?

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    I was wondering which would cause the horsepower to increase and why would it be that one.
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    Huh? Speed is something you GET from horsepower. Mass is something that horsepower has to overcome to get speed.

    What are you asking?
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    Hello min,
    Horsepower is just another way of saying much power
    1 Horsepower = 756 Watt
    And in mechanics P = F.v so independant from mass
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    Actually, 1 HP = 746 watts

    And there are several different ways to calculate horsepower requirements. P = F × v is one of those ways, but what if F is itself a function of v ?

    For example, in fluid drag, F is proportional to v2.
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    Oops sorry ididn't notice that careless mistake,
    @SteamKing, P = F.v regarless of whatever F is, (ie function of anything) but that a great thing to point at
    Is meant to write it that way to show that it is prop to the velocity, however in cases of gravity F depends on mass and in most other cases don't but it will always depends on the velocity.
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