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What would be the best way to divide a depot tablet?

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    The situation is as follows: there is an off label use for quinidine that would require a 10 mg dose. However, the only format available is a 200 mg plastic depot tablet that is very difficult to crush homogeneously. I am not aware of the chemical form quinidine is in at these tablets, and therefore unsure if it would be possible to dissolve it into some liquid in order to divide it into 20 doses. I am also thinking of an ultrasound washer warmed up to around body temperature to help dissolving the quinidine from the depot tablet.

    Any insights into this?
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    Many pharmacies do what is called compounding for this very purpose. Although it is still simply a matter of crushing the tablet to powder and suspending it in a fluid. The key is that the fluid should the right viscosity and density to discourage settling that would skew partial dosage.

    It would be irresponsible of PF to offer advice on any DIY solutions.
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    Indeed. Thread closed.
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