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What would happen if light oscillated in one plane?

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    If light lost 3 dimensional polarity and photons traveled only on an arbitrary plane, would we see in the second dimension, provided our brains compensated for the image created?

    This of course assumes not that a single plane exists in the universe, only that light once created may only traverse back and forth on 'x', a randomly created finite line in space thus preserving the wave qualities of light, frequency, wavelength and speed, essentially asking: what would happen if you made light 2 dimensional?

    If this were true and dimensional vision were simply a matter of the properties of photons, couldn't we see into the 4th dimension if photons also carried with them all temporal information and we had organs to decipher it? One could say that the eye would be able to tell the brain about the origination of a particular photon and the various mediums it has traveled through (disregard the complexity and shortfallings of cellular mechanisms and current biological capability).

    So since we are already able to receive photonic information, with this additional dimension we would see something like all the states of change a body has been and will go through simultaneously, or however the brain wishes to project an image of the 4th dimension.

    The question assumes that introducing 4th dimension information to the photon (if it doesn't already have it) or suppressing its 3rd dimension quality would change nothing significant in electrodymanic interactions (a heavy assumption). It also assumes that we would have the appropriate ability to capture that radiation.
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    The concept of light can only exist in 3 spatial dimensions. You need a set of 3 orthonormal vectors to describe oscillations of the electric field, oscillations of the magnetic field, and the direction of propagation of light.
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    Well then change the question to what format of existence matter might take if the dimensionality of electromagnetic interaction were reduced by one vector.
    Then hypothesis if a dimension were instead added or if it already exists.
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    That is a speculative question which cannot have a definite, experimentally verifiable answer. It's the same as saying "What if all objects with mass instead have negative mass?", and you can then take imaginative liberties.
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    Wouldn't objects with negative mass interact equally as mass is a scalar quantity?

    Alright let me refine the question.
    Is the polarity of an electromagnetic particle a consequence of a rapidly emitted normally directed force giving near perfect radial emission from it's current velocity (hence the chance of absorption) or has it been proven that a single vector force does not exist and the particle exhibits wave propagation in ubiquitous direction?
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    The question does not make sense at all.

    And for the original question, it is meaningless to ask "what would current physics predict in a setup that is not allowed by current physics". If you know some published model of something that looks like what you want, we can discuss how the world with this specific model (with reference to it) would look like. In that case, please open a new thread, I closed this one because the question is impossible to discuss scientifically.
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