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What would happen if? you heatsink earth and space

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    It is a thought I just thought of with all the wonderful attention that climate change has been getting recently. The thought goes as follows:
    The world has ever increasing entropy as the whole universe has so. With humans adding to this effect even if green house gases curbed due to this fundamental principle energy is always added to the system.
    So you take the concept of space elevators and use highly thermally conductive carbon structures and heatsink earth with space, I wonder, what effects this would have and at what scales this would have any effect.

    P. S. If the earth does heat up wouldn't that mean larger creatures would roam the earth kind cool.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    The heatsinks would have to be in a shadow or they would heat up from sunlight.
    I think you need to look up "radiative cooling" and "blackbody radiation".

    If the Earth did heat up and nothing else changed then there would probably be less reason for creatures to grow large ... very large creatures may have trouble dumping their excess heat. This would be an evolutionary time scale change though.
    Generally the warming of the Earth is considered bad news as other things are expected to change as a result.
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