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What would you call this, in technical language?

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    I'm an EE with a fried brain right now, how would you describe the device in the attached picture in technical language?

    So far I've called it a "double-jointed robotic arm with one joint affixed to a mounting surface". That sounds really bad and not descriptive.

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    2DOF manipulator. This is like a double pendulum configuration: two rotational joints connected in series. Maybe that will give some search terms to narrow down the conventional nomenclature.
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    I wouldn't involve the term "robotic" at all, since there are no actuator mechanisms. It's just a bunch of joints held together with sticks.
    The best that I can currently think of is "a 2D representation of a multi-axis linear assembly". That, of course, makes no sense whatsoever unless accompanied by the illustration. (Personally, I'd go with the "joints & sticks" explanation... :tongue:)
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    I'd go with double-jointed arm.
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