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What would you get your favorite teacher to show your appreciation?

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    My math teacher has been extremely helpful over the the last year (Currently I'm in my third class with her and I'm taking another over the summer) She has always been very nice and takes time to answer all my questions she even sets up independent studies for me and wrote a letter of recommendation for me. So, I want to get her something nice to show my appreciation, I am also thinking about writing to the dean to let her know how great she is, if thats appropriate I'm not sure. Anyway, what should I get her? I don't really know her likes and dislikes much so it would have to be something general.
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    A commendation to the dean would usually be helpful; ask your parents if that would be appropriate. Likewise, a gift that is treasured is often one with intrinsic value, like a carving, picture or poem you have put a lot of emotional investment in.
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    become something and visit her..

    Day I would graduate from university or do some thing awesome, I would go back to my high school and thank all my math teachers :biggrin:
    (For some strange reasons, I loved all my math teachers!)
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    I believe she would appreciate a "fractal" more than a "whack-off"!
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    I'm amenable to being gift-wrapped...
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    In Calculus class back in high school, every student gave a dollar toward a nice flower bouquet since the teacher was a female. Someone then thought of a clever note to go with it and it went something like "you are an integral part of our lives..." :wink:
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