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What " Yield " means in TENDL ?

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    I'm reading the cross setion of p + 18O Total neutron production


    # p + 18O Total neutron production
    # Q-value =-2.51902E+00
    # # energies = 45
    # E xs Yield
    1.000E+00 0.00000E+00 0.00000E+00
    2.000E+00 0.00000E+00 0.00000E+00
    3.000E+00 7.05780E+01 2.12282E-01
    4.000E+00 1.83053E+02 3.75823E-01
    5.000E+00 2.56205E+02 4.25075E-01
    6.000E+00 2.81193E+02 4.21839E-01
    7.000E+00 3.05196E+02 4.30779E-01
    8.000E+00 3.10644E+02 4.17751E-01
    9.000E+00 2.85925E+02 3.69710E-01
    1.000E+01 2.57188E+02 3.23196E-01

    The xs is the cross section in mbarns.
    What is the meaning of Yield ?
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    I got an reply of the answer, it's in page 41 eq. 3.22 of talys manual.
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