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What's a funny physics invention for making a charlie chaplin film?

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    Any physics invention for making a super catchy and funny charlie chaplin film?
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    I don't think that necromancy is technically considered a branch of physics, but that's the only way that you could make a Chaplin movie...
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    It won't be easy to make a movie funnier than what Chaplin made.
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    Any good inventions? like boomerang?
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    A template necessary for generating the Weaire–Phelan foam has recently been developed. And the foam has finally been produced. Perhaps this could be incorporated into a Chaplin film involving Robert Downey Jr. as Chaplin/Iron Man taking a bath with Scarlett Johansson. Or just Scarlett Johansson.

    Anyway, I find the fact that so many extremely talented physicists are so fascinated by soap bubbles to be somewhat humorous.
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    Tesla, gotta be Tesla. Electrostatic generator to make his hair stand on end, the list is endless. A Chaplin sci fi film classic.
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