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Medical Whats considered a substantial health condition?

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    would bi-polar disorder be considered a substantial health condition? or does it truly depend on the patient?

    also, would chronic anxiety also be considered a substantial health condition?


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    This might be relevant with regards to legal terminology and so but I fail to see the scientifc meaning of "a substantial health condition" it appears more like a pompous statement.
    It is as helpful as a physicist calling a newly discovered particle "rather heavy".

    Furthermore the consideration is in the head of the one who makes it. :smile:
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    Perhaps he means "would a medical insurace policy pay off on it"?
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    That is what I was thinking as well. :smile:
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    ... Excuse me, but the information is needed for a friend :
    says that for eligibility for ODSP here in Ontario requires one to have "a substantial health condition expected to last at least a year". His wife suffers from severe chronic anxiety and he suffers from bi-polar disorder. Both are extremely anxious concerning working in public. Also, the sir involved has self-diagnosed ADHD, he's hyper sensitive, manic depressive, also suffers from minor anxiety and has an extremely difficult time walking outside of his house. The question was, are these things considered to be "substantial health conditions"? The people at the ODSP may have pompous requisites but unfortunately they're the law.
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    To some extent it does depend on the patient. It sounds as though the male involved has the more severe condition of the parties involved. If he hasn't already done so, I would get (at least) a second opinion on the bipolar diagnosis. Though bipolar disorder is one of the more persistent and severe mental conditions, it can be treated and individuals with the disorder can live fairly normal lives. From you description I assume your friend is either not receiving treatment at all or is receiving inadequate treatment. Do you know what type of anxiety disorder his wife has?

    I'm not familiar with the intricacies of the Canadian system, but assuming the diagnosis have been made I would have your friends discuss those matters with their physicians. Encourage your friends to seek/change treatment for their disorders because their quality of life is currently below where it should be with proper treatment.
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    the wife has continued with her doctors and her psycho-therapist for awhile now and still she'll panick sometimes quite extremely. her "episodes" i suppose are quick but it's as if traumatizing at the time. both of their disorders are due to genetics as each has many relatives with the same condition. even after many years of self-treating the situation she still has these "reclusive" "episodes" i guess ud say, after just a few days of inactivity, or even less, she'll be far less able to even leave the house. He on the other hand is having difficulty due to paperwork, his former doctors did indeed give his new psychiatrist the papers but it seems the psych is unwilling to help, these two are on welfare and have little to no money to provide for a good, well paid, psychiatrist. he's somewhat stable and yes, he has discontinued his medication upon his psych's orders, in order to change them, but no matter what he is continually a "loner" and prefers to communicate strictly one-on-one with anyone he meets. crowds, large rooms and whatever else are big problems for these people and they've even had some troubles with welfare due to the conditions. the sir worked in a factory before his psychotic episode, she's been dealing with this for years, and still no proper help is available, that's why they want to apply to this thing in the first place. you're right, its the paperwork and the individual needs that needs attending to, i'll continue to help them and have already told them this but due to funds and transportation its a little more difficult than expected. ty for ignoring my negative words in the post above, im sorry. and ty
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