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What's control automate system in our body?

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    all of automate system in our body.

    digesting food, put oxygen on our blood and pull carbon dioxide out, immune system, wound healing.....etc

    does our brain control all that even without our awareness? or those can still work even without brain order?

    if true.... wow, our brain may inferior to computer in terms of speed, but it's excel in super multitasking.

    ps. English is not my native language, forgive me if I'm wrong in spelling or grammar.
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    Welcome to PF!

    The brain doesn't control the body so completely. Many functions operate without brain interaction.

    Here's a link to brain function controls:

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    An example of an automatic body function which does not require any brain function is that if you get a small injury, blood cells will clot to stop any bleeding.
    Also the immune system which attacks viruses and other pathogens, that works without involving the brain.
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    so hindbrain is a core function that keep us alive.

    um.... isn't that an oldest brain that we inherit since first amphibious crawl out of water million of years ago???
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    The lowest level of our brain function are inherited from very early ancestors and do things like controlling our heartbeat rhythm, and avoiding contact with objects that are very hot.
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    It's great that you are curious about such things. Where are you in school (what year)? Does your school offer any classes in anatomy and physiology? That is the type of class where you learn all about the body's various systems... It might use a textbook like this one: :smile:

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    I'm not in school anymore, just an 30+ years old normal person who seem to enjoy science (but not tooooo deep =w=)

    I'm still a bit regret why I didn't choose science route for my study, but... what done is done.
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    Well, especially if you are out of school, that book that I linked to above is inexpensive and available from Amazon.com. It is a good book to work your way through. If English is not your native language, you should be able to find a comparable book in your language. :smile:
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