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What's higher spin gauge theory all about?

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    Recently I hear there's lots of research on higher spin gauge theories. I know nothing about it, so I'll ask some naive questions. How is Weinberg-Witten no-go theorem which forbids spins greater than 1 bypassed in these theories? Is the topic related to string theory? Thanks for answer.
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    How higher-spin gravity surpasses the spin two barrier: no-go theorems versus yes-go examples
    Xavier Bekaert, Nicolas Boulanger, Per Sundell

    Higher Spin Theories
    Mini-Course by Simone Giombi

    In the http://pirsa.org/11030093/" of Giombi's lectures Smolin asks a good (to help laymen like me) simple question at 22:30: What is the bulk gravity? G: Higher derivative corrections. S:Are they known exactly? G: No. S: Everything has higher derivative corrections, but the leading term is Einstein? G: At quadratic level, it is equivalent to linear Einstein. At interacting level ...
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