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What's so special about higher dimensions?

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    What's so special about higher dimensions? I did some youtube research and didn't find a lot of information. All I found is that beyond 5 dimensions all dimensions have only 3 platonic solids.

    I've got this simulation I'm working on. I don't want to go into detail for obvious reasons but so far it's basically built on some ideas about physics, quantum physics, chemistry, black holes & meditation. Nothing is to scale. It's all just a fun little place. It just "works" somehow.

    What I wanted to get help with was objects in higher dimensions.
    Can you give me a metaphor to describe higher dimensions and their rotations of axis? and their independent axes?
    I've been thinking about these axes a lot! Is there a plane between two axes as they rotate? can there be? Is there some association between the axes that is a sort of "virtual plane" just like axes are virtual for rotation.
    If so, I imagine this can be applied to spaces against the virtual planes. But I can't figure out how many planes would be involved for a higher virtual 3d space axis arrangement.
    I'm looking for creative rules about their axis for these higher dimension objects to follow.
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    Why not use the normal mathematical rules for dimensions?
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    I use normal mathematical rules.
    But the simulation looks at the axes to determine if they're good for black holes jets. So in hire dimensions, I am looking for a way to conceptualize what would happen with different axes emitting different jets at different rotations.

    I also don't know what the different types of rotation would do to the gravity field in higher dimensions.

    Something else I'm looking for are theories for things "beyond beyond" the science we know now.
    Like the floor of reality.
    I am considering ridiculous theories, because the only thing I need is a model or concept of one. Preferably an elegant one.
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